Не поддавайтесь провокации!

Уважаемые блогеры!

Некоторое время назад в интернете появился трейлер фильма “Ихтиандр. Начало”.

К сожалению, самого фильма не существует, и съёмки его не планируются!

Трейлер нарезан “поклонниками” из рабочего материала нашего клипа, который действительно снял Виктор Вилкс. Это было сделано без нашего ведома и без ведома Вилкса.

Пожалуйста, в случае, если вы размещали трейлер несуществующего фильма у себя в блоге, на сайте, либо на внешних видеосерверах, удалите его и информацию о нем или сообщите нам.

Трейлер крайне непрофессионального качества, что не очень приятно.
Надеемся на ваше понимание и содействие.

Группа "Слайд"

Клип группы "Слайд" на песню "Тогда"

Need Help!

hello, I study in the Russian University of People's Frendship. I'm going to write a thesis about an African law, espesially about the effect of the acts of the goverment along with common law in different African contries. Could you please help me with a fresh information. Because in Russia the last work about an African law was written in 1987. I would be glad to receive any kind of infornation. You can write me to my e-mails: nadezhda.pak (wow) ritzio.com or nadezhdapak (wow) yandex.ru.

 or can u provide me an e-mail anyone who can help me. Thank u a lot.

(no subject)

1.Post the survey you see below this on your first entry:
Name: LeeAnne Berkshire
Age: 16
Skin type: medium :-D
Preferred method of tanning: laying on the malibu beach/boothess
Products you use currently: bronzer, tanning lotion
Do you tan easily?: yeaaaaaaaa :-D
Skin care: bronzer and mud :-D

leave LOVING! <33333333333333333333333333333333
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look out people!

hey everyone, my name is nicki an intern for the documentary afropunk. we are currently making a book of the documentary and i'm looking for people to be on it. anyone want to be on it? or help me out and tell me where i can find people to do it. leave your name and email.

i did the survey! check it out.

Name:Nicki gibson
How many scene points do you have?: i dunno
10 favorite hardcore bands: hotcross, los crudos, pg.99,thetonydanzatapdanceextravaganza,hardlife!,you and i, lickgoldensky, ds-13, kaospilot,transistor transistor
5 favorite non-hxc bands: the appleseedcast, nakatomi plaza, rachel jacobs,del cielo,
7 favorite movies: harold and maude, beyond the screams, afropunk, napoleon dynamite, Hud, cat on a hot tin roof, city of god
3 favorite T.V. shows: roadtrip nation, globe trekker, nova
Is your belt studded?: hell yeah
Are your pants made for your sex?: yeah
Are you straight edge?: nuh-uh
Last concert you went to: nakatomi plaza
Last breakdown that filled your ears: i dunno, i think anodyne
Can you rap?: no :(
Can you beatbox?: nuh-uh
Can you say "uh yeee fo sho!" in real ghetto monotones?: i dont think so.
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..werd up

Sex: Ho/bitch
How many scene points do you have?: as many as you want :suggestively winks:
10 favorite hardcore bands: everytime i die, mewithoutyou, norma jean, ptw, fata, converge, as i lay dying, on broken wings, at the drive-in (? do they count), old afi stuff
5 favorite non-hxc bands: death cab, bright eyes, brand new, saves the day, jamisonparker
7 favorite movies: 13, tadpole, virgin suicides, donnie darko, punch drunk love, chicago, green mile
3 favorite T.V. shows:oc, csi miami, csi
Is your belt studded?: damn straight
Are your pants made for your sex?: yes .... because boys pants are too confusing to size.
Are you straight edge?: yes
Last concert you went to: aha soco and yellowcard
Last breakdown that filled your ears: a part of a norma jean song.
Can you rap?: yeah (one thing i learned in lax)
Can you beatbox?: barely... but sorta
Can you say "uh yeee fo sho!" in real ghetto monotones?: yeah... my sister and i practice


richard, i am too lazy to post these pictures, its late and i need to study for finals.. im drained. i'll post the pics another day.

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i'm in charge but i'll post anyway, as an example

-Name: martin luther bling
-Age: 16
-Sex: male
-How many scene points do you have?: too many to count
-10 favorite hardcore bands: dillinger escape plan, converge, on broken wings, caliban, every time i die, the tony danza tap dance extravaganza, scarlet, unearth, eighteen visions, poison the well
-5 favorite non-hxc bands: death cab for cutie, the postal service, pedro the lion, mewithoutyou, glassjaw
-7 favorite movies: resevoir dogs, the virgin suicides, pulp fiction, kill bill, friday, halloween 5, the shining
-3 favorite T.V. shows: the oc, family guy, chappelle's show
-Is your belt studded?: nope. stars with my pimp buckle.
-Are your pants made for your sex?: yeah. men's.
-Are you straight edge?: i drink caffeine, so guess not.
-Last concert you went to: ETID, as i lay dying, scarlet, black dailah murder tour, in philly
-Last breakdown that filled your ears: on broken wings "i do my crosswords in ink". it's hot.
-Can you rap?: hellz yes
-Can you beatbox?: hellz yee
-Can you say "uh yeee fo sho!" in real ghetto monotones?: UH YEE!

i'll ad my pics later, because i'm already in. i'm the moderator hos.
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